Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bone lesion differentials

Osteoid osteoma:  radioluscent (lytic) centre,usually <1cm surrounded by sclerotic lesion. Benign

Brodie's abscess: form of osteomyelitis, remains subacute for years before converting to chronic (draining) osteo. radioluscent lesion >1cm surrounded by irregular margin of sclerosis. Benign

Osteosarcoma: hard irregular spiculated lesion (moth -eaten or sun burst appearance) with periosteal elevation- Codman's triangle, . Malignant. seen more commonly in Male adolescents. Most common primary bone cancer

Ewing's sarcoma: lytic lesion with periosteal reaction- onion skinning. Malignant. Highly metastatic.Typically seen  in Male adolescsent

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