Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Neonatal conjuctivitis

"Silver eyed on day 1
Gon home within 7 days
only to return after a week
with trachs on his chlam
and again in a month
when the herpes showed up!"

Day 1:Chemical conjuctivitis
Day 3-7: Gonococcal
After wk 1: Chlamydia
After 3wks: Herpes 


  1. I believe Gonococcal conjuctivitis is day 2-5. got this from Uworld and another place.
    Chlamydia 5-21
    herpes after 21 days

    BTW I found your blog few days ago, my exam is in 2 days so I plan to cram cram cram lol. Thanks for this blog. Did you ever get your result? and I hope it went well. Gd luck

  2. Yes, I saw that too but MTB says 2-7 for Gonococcal and more than 7days for Chlamydia. There's slight difference in other places too but I think the general idea is clear and that's what I tried to summarise with the mnemonic.

    I got my result back and passed with a good score. I don't want to add any more posts so as not to push the real mental mapping posts further down. Thanks and Good luck with your exam.